Now that the incredibly catchy name of our travel blog has lured you here, we can finally get down to business. First off, we would like to welcome you to our travel blog! Also, we want to wish you all a very happy, healthy, and adventure-filled 2018. Speaking of adventure, SAK and JAC begin their South American journey at the start of 2018. SAK and JAC?!?!? Who in the world are they?!?!? And, why should I give a hoot?!?!   Well, today is your lucky day. We happen to have the answers to those questions, and so many more! SAK and JAC are the initials of Sally and Joe, us!!! The reason that you should care is that we want YOU to be part of our traveling adventures!!!

During our trip we want to interact with all of our friends, family, and followers around the world. In 2018 we are going to embark on an adventure to South America and we want YOU to follow and interact with us along the way. We are always looking forward to your feedback and suggestions! Tell us where we should go next, who to visit, what you would like to see next from SAK and JAC! If you happen to be currently residing on our path of adventure we could even visit YOU!!! We also welcome any of you who are fellow travelers to meet up with us during our trip across the South American continent.

We will be regularly updating this site and it will be the best place to keep up with our adventures. We have links to our social media contents posted at various locations on our page so please ‘like’ us, ‘follow’ us, retweet us, share us, whatever you think might help spread the word about SAK and JAC backpack. We also have live updates of some of our social media accounts at the bottom of the SAK and JAC backpack homepage.

As we write this, there are just under two weeks left before departing for Bogotá. We are getting very excited and are very nervous at the same time. Trying to be ready for an undertaking such as this is incredibly exhausting and nerve-racking. There are so many things to consider, so many loose ends to tie up at home, so many hostels and airbnbs to book, so much research to do, so many social media platforms and blog pages to set up and learn to use, so many items to purchase, so much to put into storage, and so very, very, very much to pack! #NoSleepTillBogotá   <-Follow this hashtag on Twitter for updates until we get to Bogotá; then, presumably, we will start a new hashtag.

Share with your friends!! Plant your share seeds and make sakandjac.com grow!!

#SAKandJAC #NoSleepTillBogotá #SAKandJACbackpack #sakandjacbuspack


Planning a trip like this is not easy. We have been planning for months and are still planning, and will continue to plan until we depart for Bogotá, and then we will continue to be planning. Basically our plan is to continue to plan indefinitely.      #planindefinitely.

We decided that to plan an adventure across a continent, you need a map. After all, one does need to become very familiar with the continent in which they are going to traverse, the relative locations of key places, cities, rivers, mountains, and other geographical features.       #letsgetsomegiantmapsofSouthAmerica

So, we decided to get some gigantic maps of South America, stick them up in our bedroom, and gaze at them for the months leading up to the trip. We have two giant maps produced by National Geographic and enlarged to epic proportions. One map is Northwestern South America and the other map is Southern South America. They have been of great use in our planning, and they weren’t too expensive either. Here is what the maps look like:

Northwestern South America – El noroeste de Sudamérica
Southern South America – El sur de Sudamérica

The maps are so awesome that we wish we were able to take them with us on our trip and hang them in each place that we stay… but, that’s not going to be possible. Anyway, a few months back we narrowed down our rough trip plan to the following itinerary:


Our itinerary is an organic living being and it will continue to evolve as the adventure progress. Stay tuned for updates!


Glad you asked!! We have just begun stuffing our Osprey packs @OspreyPacks. Still lots to pack, but we are getting there. We will be posting updates so keep on the lookout! Hopefully we will be able to be all packed soon; we are still waiting for some of our travel gear to arrive in the mail.

Each of us will be bringing one of these beautiful Osprey Sojourn 80L packs and one small backpack.


Can we cram it all in? Find out soon! 🙂

We have lots more to pack and tons of other stuff to get done so we need to wrap up this post, our first of many posts. We just wanted to give you all something to read and let you know that SAK and JAC are hard at work preparing for this great adventure. Keep up with us on our adventure and give us feedback!!! We would LOVE to hear from YOU!!!!

Big hugs to ALL!!! Sally and Joe (SAK and JAC)

* As a side project, Joe will be attempting to translate all of our posts into Spanish for a bilingual SAK and JAC experience.

** No animals were harmed in the writing of this blog post.

*** If you are still reading this we should say something funny right about here….. hmmmmm, picklefritz!!! Did that work?

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