Bogotá · Colombia · Trip preparation - Preparación para el viaje


Tomorrow, February 13, 2018, we will be leaving Bogotá, Colombia, heading west to Ibagué, Colombia.  We have been extremely busy with making plans, repacking, and enjoying our last days in Bogotá.  We have had an incredible time here and we have really come to love this great Colombian city.  We will surely miss Bogotá and all of the wonderful people that we have met here.  We will greatly miss Luisa, Guillermo, Emma, all of the cats in the apartment, along with everyone we met at Hobu Hostel.

Since we have been so busy as of late, we have fallen behind a bit in our blog posts.  Not to worry, we will continue to post about all of the spectacular adventures that we have had here in Bogotá, and we will make our best efforts to update you with our adventures more often.  Being new at the whole blog thing has made updating our site frequently a challenge for us.  We have so much to say that it is somewhat overwhelming.  Therefore, we will try to keep the posts shorter, yet more frequent, to allow us to share with everyone more easily.

Here is a brief summary of our upcoming itinerary:

CITY                                                   ARRIVE          DEPART

Ibagué, Colombia                            February 13  February 15

Armenia, Colombia                        February 15  February 17

Cali, Colombia                                  February 17  February 19

Popayán, Colombia                         February 19  February 22

Ipiales, Colombia                             February 22  February 25

Otavalo, Ecuador                             February 25  March 3

Quito, Ecuador                                 March 3         March 22

Santo Domingo de los…

…Colorados, Ecuador         March 22       March 26

TO BE DETERMINED                      March 26       April 6

Cuenca, Ecuador                             April 6            April 20

TO BE DETERMINED                      April 20          May 3

Lima, Peru                                        May 3             June 1

Stay tuned for more adventures of SAK and JAC!!!

We love you all!!!

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